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Doozy Two
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The new "big brother" of our Doozy One features even more versatility in both sound and character. Hand-wired and built in Germany, the Doozy Two is equipped with EL34 power tubes at 110 watts, but with the capabilities of also switching to 55 watts. This all around two-channel amp comes with a switch able gain stage for the drive channel as well as serial loops for each channel.

The matching Doozy Two cabinet is made with 15mm Baltic Birch plywood with a 12" opening at the back. We decided to build our speaker cabinet from Marine Plywood as this incorporates less air when glued together than regular plywood. After hours and hours of research we found the optimum for this 110 beauty - two 12" Eminence Red Coat Governor speakers.


• 3 band EQ for each channel

• Serial loops for each channel

• Hand-wired full tube circuit, switched by relays

• 2.5 mm aluminum chassis

• Double footswitch included

• 110 Watt Class AB tube guitar amplifier

• 4 x EL 34 output tubes JJ Tesla

• 1 x ECC 83 JJ preamp driver

• 3 x ECC81 JJ preamp tubes

• 2 channel full tube amp design

• Switch able extra gain stage for the drive channel

• Half power switch to 55 Watt

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