Photo of all the Duesenberg Effect Pedals laid out in a circle

Effect Pedals

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

That’s why it’s important to use only quality equipment all the way to the speaker. Quality lost along the way is lost for the ear and cannot be brought back.

For our line of effect pedals, we only use highest quality components to preserve all areas and dynamics of your tone. The pedals always retain the dry analog signal coming from your instrument and they are all true-bypass so they don’t influence your tone when not in use. We also want our Pedals to withstand daily wear and tear on the road, so all parts are selected for professional use and highly stressed parts are wired by hand.

Photo of the Duesenberg Gold Boost

Gold Boost

For the most part, boosts are very simple to build. Nonetheless, they are often the most versatile and most important component on a pedal board. This is especially true of the 100% analog Gold Boost, because of its high input impedance (ca. 4.7 MOhm), which activates even the guitar’s most outlying – and perhaps even forgotten – treble regions. Many liken this effect to pulling away a curtain that had been hanging in front of the amplifier.

With its super linear frequency path, however, the Gold Boost can also be engaged as a pure buffer. All it takes is striken counterclockwise the pedal’s one pot. This transforms the instrument signal with high impedance into an output signal with significantly lower impedance – all at the most sophisticated level of sound. The signal meanwhile retains total transparency, strength and dynamics, as well as its full tone – even with long cable pathways and complex effects setups. At higher boost levels (above the 12 o’clock pot setting), trebles are dampened slightly, which will noticeably improve the sound of an overdriven (tube) amp.


  • LEVEL: controls the output volume
Photo of the Duesenberg Treble B

Treble B

The new Treble B adds power and perfect sparkle to any Guitar. The Treble Booster is in its element as a flexible booster to give Tube-amps a great kick. It gives vintage style pick ups a new lease of life and stays so dynamic while doing so, that a whole array of clean and overdriven sounds can be regulated easily through the guitars volume pot. With the extra “Range” control, the frequencies that need to be boosted can be adjusted. This makes the TREBLE B easy to accommodate any Guitar and any new sound-ideas.


  • BOOST: controls the output volume
  • RANGE: controls the cutoff frequency
Photo of the Duesenberg White Drive

White Drive II

Whether it’s a dynamically clean boost, an electrifying crunch or a creamy overdrive – the White Drive II covers the entire bandwidth of necessary boost and overdrive sounds. Thanks to its high dynamics and transparency, the White Drive II sounds just as authentic as an overdriven tube amp. Versatility of sound makes the White Drive II at home in all musical genres that rely on “vintage” sounds – whether it be country, blues or rock.

The White Drive II’s level of distortion can be controlled to a high degree of accuracy by using the guitar’s own volume controls, and because of its highly effective True Bypass electronics, the White Drive II in its inactivated state remains absolutely sound-neutral. Like all Duesenberg effects, the White Drive II is built to high technological standards, is simple to use and built to withstand wear and tear on the road.


  • DRIVE: controls the degree of distortion (left-strike = pure boost function!)
  • TONE: at the 12 o’clock setting, the White Drive II maintains its neutral state. Turning to the left reduces treble, while turning to the right increases treble and reduces bass. 
  • LEVEL: controls the strength of the output level to the amplifier
Photo of the Duesenberg Channel 2

Channel 2

The “All in One Pedal”. The CHANNEL 2 is fantastic as an Overdrive/Distortion and just great with any Amp/Guitar combination.. The CHANNEL 2 works just like an extra channel providing you with a great transparent crunch tone to a heavy overdrive. The CHANNEL 2 will be the ticket in saving the day when you don't have your full rig and the show must go on.


GAIN: controls the intensity of the overdrive
PRESENCE: controls the high frequencies
MASTER: controls the output volume
DEEP: three-way-switch, controls the amount of bass in the signal

Photo of the Duesenberg Red Echo 2

Red Echo II

The Red Echo II is an extremely warm sounding delay pedal with up to 600 ms delay time. The dry unprocessed signal of the guitar stays completely analogue to prevent any loss of dynamic and clarity. It delivers typical retro sounds. Whether spherical ambience effects on relaxed ballads, short slapback echos for country and rockabilly or the magical driving force behind hot rock solos, the Red Echo II achieves outstanding results with both clean and distorted amp sounds.

True Bypass electronics ensure that the Red Echo II in its inactivated state remains absolutely sound neutral. Like all Duesenberg effects, the Red Echo II is built to high technological standards, is simple to use and built to withstand wear and tear on the road.


  • TIME: controls the length of the effect’s delay
  • LEVEL: controls the volume of the effect signal
  • REPEAT: controls the number of effect repetitions
Photo of the Duesenberg The Rev

The Rev

This new reverb pedal sounds just amazing and as authentic as an old tube-driven spring reverb. The dry unprocessed signal of the guitar stays completely analogue so that there is no loss of dynamic and clarity.


  • SIZE: changes the size of the simulated room
  • HI-CUT: decreases the high frequencies in the reverberation
  • MIX: mixes the amount of reverb to the guitar signal
Photo of the Duesenberg Violet Trem

Violet Trem

The pulsing tremolo effect is probably the most magical of all guitar effects. The Violet Trem has a hand calibrated and synchronized photo cell at the heart of its electronics, by which the buttery “wet” tremolo sound we’ve come to know and love from the old tube amps is perfectly reproduced. The Violet Trem has a volume control that counterbalances loss of volume that can occur with active effects. Or it can as a booster; left-striking the intensity regulator turns the Violet Trem into either a booster or a buffer, with all the advantages these effects bring with them. A switch enables the choice between hard square or soft sine waveforms, thereby offering two tremolo directions that could not be more different from each other: vintage meets modern – so then, Dick Dale can surf over here, while the “stutter” effect of Tom Morello can thunder over there. Meanwhile, the Status LED light pulses in time with the tremolo’s wave frequencies.

With its True Bypass electronics, the Violet Trem remains absolutely sound neutral when not in an active state.


  • SPEED: controls the tempo of the tremolo waves
  • INTENSITY: controls the depth of the tremolo waves
  • VOLUME: controls the output volume of the pedal
  • SOFT/HARD: to choose between sine- and square-wave
Photo of the Duesenberg Green Comp 2

Green Comp II

The Green Comp helps the guitar attain a fat and balanced sound, brilliant overtones and a creamy sustain that – at certain settings – seems to last forever. No country musician can afford to be without a compressor/sustainer, and even in the blues and rock genres, this useful tool has become standard on pedal boards for the way that it improves sound and boosts solo parts. 

Our technicians have combined into one their knowledge of traditional compressor sounds and their understanding of solid construction techniques in order to make a pedal that is satisfying to use even under hard live-play conditions. Because of effective True Bypass electronics, the Green Comp II in its inactivated state remains absolutely sound-neutral. Like all Duesenberg effects, the Green Comp II is built according to the highest technological standards, is simple to use and built to withstand wear and tear on the road.


  • SUSTAIN: controls the length of the tone, or its sustain
  • ATTACK: controls the attack of compression from soft to hard 
  • LEVEL: controls the output volume of the compression effect
Photo of the Duesenberg BLue Move

Blue Move

A good chorus effect has to sound creamy, saturated and warm. This can only be achieved with good, old-fashioned analog bucket-brigade electronics, albeit those with a special circuitry design so as not to carry over into today all of yesterday’s unwanted noise. The Blue Move realizes a large bandwidth of chorus sounds: at a slow tempo (Speed) and with a great range of modulation (Depth), the Blue Move gives rise to wide, planar, deep and/or shimmering chorus sounds. Wafting Leslie-like sounds can be attained, for example, at faster speed and reduced depth modulation settings. The high input impedance of 1 MOhm sensitively translates the input signal, retaining its inherent musicality despite the effect’s sound density. 

A pulsing LED light indicates the speed of the Chorus setting, while True Bypass electronics ensures that the Blue Move Chorus remains absolutely sound neutral in its inactivated state.


  • SPEED: controls the speed of the Chorus waves
  • DEPTH: controls the depth of the Chorus waves
  • MIX: controls the amount of Chorus effect impacting the original signal.
Duesenberg Effect Pedals laid out in a circle
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Semi Hollow

Bent sides and glued on top and back. Added solid center block. The classic construction. Semi-Hollow instruments combine the distinct tone of a hollow construction with the feedback resistance of a solid body. Extremely versatile.


A solid body that features big sound chambers for enhanced tone and weight reduction. Particularly characteristic tone somewhere between a solid and semi-hollow construction.


Made from a single slab of wood. Delivers instant response, a lot of attack and sustain and perfect feedback resistance.

Full Hollow

Full hollow construction for a lot of moving air and distinct classic tone and response. Exceptional tonal character that is well fitted for clean and crunch use.