Image of the Duesenberg Pomona6 Lapsteel on light background

Pomona6 Lapsteel

The original Duesenberg Lapsteel

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Little Toaster Pickups

Two Duesenberg LittleToaster Mini-Humbucker Pickups deliver outstanding transparency and clarity with a lot of sparkling trebles while also cancelling out all hum.

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The Duesenberg Multibender Bridge System is a user-configurable tone bending device for harmonic up- and down-bends. It can take up to five levers that can be used to modulate chords and melodies.

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The Pomona6 comes with our genuine speed-pot as tone control. This pot operates at a reduced 70° angle allowing you to create tone swells with your fingertip.

The evolution of the Lapsteel

When introduced back in 2008, the Pomona6 was the Lapsteel that brought our Multibender Bridge System and the ingenious Easy-Shift Capo to the world.

"The minute I picked up the Duesenberg Lapsteel I was hooked.
This is a lapsteel that is a complete joy to play,
even if you've never picked up a slide before."
John Mayer

Side view of the Duesenberg Pomona6 Lapsteel on light background
Angled view of the Duesenberg Pomona6 Lapsteel on light background

The new Standard

The Pomona6 set a new standard for Lapsteel Artists around the world.

The integrated "Easy-Shift Capodaster" enables you to adapt to key changes with the turn of a thumb-screw. Simply loosen the screw, place the capodaster where you need it and start playing. It also runs on a rail inside the fretboard so you cannot misplace it. It enables freedom of movement between all keys without sacrificing the typical lapsteel riffs and licks that rely on open strings.

A roller nut provides tuning stability, while Duesenberg LittleToaster pickups deliver a clear and powerful sound that goes excellently well with distortion pedals or distorting amps. And the Duesenberg Speed pot controls work with a path of just 70˚ in order to achieve the lapsteel's typical swelling “wah” effects.

Image of the Multibender on the Duesenberg Pomona6 Lapsteel on light background


The Mutlibender is an integrated string bending device that can be configured to do a number of different things.

It is used for bending specific strings up or down a semi- or full tone, all done with the heel of your hand while playing. This comes in handy for changing chords from minor to major or all kinds of other intervals. The Multibender takes up to five levers (additional levers available seperately) which can all be set up to do different things.

Photo of a Duesenberg Multibender Lever


The Multibender can take up to five levers which can all be set up individually.
Get more levers for your Lapsteel

Image of the Duesenberg Pomona6 Lapsteel on light background standing upright
Photo of the Duesenberg Design 3-Step Jackplate

Nickel Hardware

Most of our hardware is nickel finished.

You will find the geometrical three steps in almost every part on our instruments, from the curves on the headstock to the shape of the output jack.

When compared to regular chrome finishes, nickel has a beautiful warm and elegant sheen and ages naturally over time. It's the way things were done before chrome became the standard. If you don't want the hardware on your instrument to age, we recommend regular cleaning.

Image of the Duesenberg Custom Line Case

Made to hold something that lasts

A good case is one that's more sturdy than what's inside.

Handsome, laid-back and simply a good place for your instrument. Meet the Duesenberg Custom Line Cases. True flightcase quality, classically shaped, beautifully handcrafted and made to endure the most realistic and unrealistic abuses. It's a case you can just throw in the back of a car, train or airplane and won't have to worry about.

This instrument comes including the Duesenberg Custom Line Case as standard.

Wood: Korina (+ Maple top on headstock)
Width at nut: 65 mm / 2.56"
Dimensions: 94 x 19 x 4.2 cm / 37" x 7.48" x 1.65"
Stringspacing: 54 mm / 2.13"
Fingerboard: Black anodized aluminum
Scale length: 648 mm / 25.5"
Finish: PUR lacquer
Tuners: Duesenberg Z-Tuners
Nut: Duesenberg Roller Nut
Bridge: Duesenberg Multibender
Plus: Duesenberg Easy Shift Capo
Hardware color: Nickel
Strings: Duesenberg Custom 16/56 (016-018-026-036-046-056)
Pickup (neck): Duesenberg LittleToaster
Pickup (bridge): Duesenberg LittleToaster
Wiring: 1 Volume, 1 Tone, 3-Way Pickup Selector
Case: Custom Line Case (included)
Tools: All required allen keys (included)

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Semi Hollow

Bent sides and glued on top and back. Added solid center block. The classic construction. Semi-Hollow instruments combine the distinct tone of a hollow construction with the feedback resistance of a solid body. Extremely versatile.


A solid body that features big sound chambers for enhanced tone and weight reduction. Particularly characteristic tone somewhere between a solid and semi-hollow construction.


Made from a single slab of wood. Delivers instant response, a lot of attack and sustain and perfect feedback resistance.

Full Hollow

Full hollow construction for a lot of moving air and distinct classic tone and response. Exceptional tonal character that is well fitted for clean and crunch use.