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Duesenberg Retailers are separated into three categories of service.
All of our instruments can be ordered at any of these retail locations.

Flagship Store

Flagship Stores carry a wide variety of our instruments with most popular and rare instruments in stock. They also have many of the Duesenberg Accessories like strings, straps, effect pedals and more available for you to try.

Premium Store

Premium Stores carry an extended selection of our instruments with most popular models in stock.

Partner Shop

Partner Shops carry a basic selection of our instruments and will gladly order all other instruments or accessories for you.

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Semi Hollow

Bent sides and glued on top and back. Added solid center block. The classic construction. Semi-Hollow instruments combine the distinct tone of a hollow construction with the feedback resistance of a solid body. Extremely versatile.


A solid body that features big sound chambers for enhanced tone and weight reduction. Particularly characteristic tone somewhere between a solid and semi-hollow construction.


Made from a single slab of wood. Delivers instant response, a lot of attack and sustain and perfect feedback resistance.

Full Hollow

Full hollow construction for a lot of moving air and distinct classic tone and response. Exceptional tonal character that is well fitted for clean and crunch use.